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First Five Chapters of a Novel in Progress

First Five Chapters of a Novel in Progress

Soooo, below is a pdf of the first third of a novel I’m working on.  It’s the first five chapters: about ninety-six paperback pages.  There is a first draft of the rest of the novel but only the first five chapters are done (or almost done).

If anyone wants to read it and give me notes, I would be very grateful.  I’m posting this here and other places to try to get a feel whether I should abandon it or keep pressing on.

It’s a hard sci-fi novel, think Crichton, but funnier.  When I wrote it I decided I wanted to write exactly the novel I wanted to read.  So, there’s aliens, philosophy, lots of dialogue, drinking, a little romance and the kitchen sink.  The main theme I suppose is natural selection/history and I was very careful about the language of the characters and the views they express.  But I would be offended if someone said it was not also trashy, pulpy and cheap.

Some warnings or caveats about the chapters:

1. Since this is only about the first third of a book, the plot is really just getting getting going by the end.  Sorry.

2. There’ bound to be some spelling and grammar errors and possibly gaping plot holes.  If you are reading and plan to let me know what you think, forget the minor mistakes.

3. Lastly, the book is crazy, its nuts, its a mash-up of lots of things and it may not please you or be an easy read.

4.  There’s probably some stuff that needs to be cut, such as some of the early conversation, or maybe the weird dips into natural history.

So, if anyone wants to waste a Saturday afternoon let me know what you think.

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